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2016 Series Information

Race #1

Goats in the Meadow: Saturday, August 20th, 2016 - 9:00 AM

Little Blackfoot River Trailhead, 7.3 miles.
Directions to Little Blackfoot Trailhead

Run up to Little Backfoot Meadow on scenic, non-technical singletrack. Course has rolling hills with a net uphill on the way out, then downhill on the way back. You will cross the Blackfoot River twice, both with an opportunity to get your feet wet. Allow 1 hour to go to the trailhead from Helena. Parking is limited so we recommend carpooling.

Map of race - (Map by Erik Makus)

Race #2

Goats in the Dark: Friday, September 16th, 2016 - 9:00 PM

Tubbs Trailhead, 3.2 miles of fun in the dark!

Coming from Missoula, on Highway 12, go to Henderson St. and take a right. Go all the way up to the top of the hill to Le Grande Cannon Blvd. Take a right on Le Grande Cannon Blvd. and follow it to the end (trailhead and start of race).

Coming from Butte, Bozeman, and Great Falls, get off at the Capital exit and take Prospect Ave. to Montana Ave. and take a right. Follow highway 12 signs like you were headed to Missoula (you will be on Lindale which turns into Euclid). Take Euclid until you get to Henderson St. and take a left. Go all the way up to the top of the hill to Le Grande Cannon Blvd. Take a right on Le Grande Cannon Blvd. and follow it to the end (trailhead and start of race).

This race is B.Y.O.H. - "Bring Your Own Headlamp." The course makes a single loop along the Ambrose & Diretissima Trails, with a finishing sprint on Le Grande Cannon Blvd. Course is marked by glow sticks.

Map of race - (Map by Erik Makus)

Race #3

Goat Pursuit: Saturday, October 8th, 2016 - 9:00 AM

Mt. Helena Ridge Run, 6.6 miles point to point time-trial format. The trolley shuttle will leave the Helena Public Library at 7:00 AM to carry runners to the top. The course starts with switchbacks up to the Helena Ridge, the rest of the course is primarily downhill on moderately technical singletrack, finishing at Dump Gulch Trailhead. This race is run as a time trial format - a runner will start every 30 seconds, starting with the slowest runner. If this is your first race in the series, please send a recent 10K or 12K time.

Map of race - (Map by Erik Makus)

Race #4 

Goat Grind: Sunday, October 16th, 2016 - 10:00 AM

Elkhorn Endurance Retreat (597 McClellan Creek Road, Clancy), 4 miles.
Directions to Elkhorn Endurance Retreat

One series champion referred to this course as a "meatgrinder." It has steep hills, a creek crossing, and some technical singletrack. Race is followed by a pancake brunch and awards ceremony.

Map of race - (Map by Erik Makus)

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2014 Race #4 Results - Goat Grind

  1. Mike Kaiser M32  28:54  1
  2. Aubrey Curtis M35  29:56  2
  3. Thomas Kreissler M44  33:27  3
  4. Mike Fanning M53  34:24  4
  5. Nick Hill M34  36:30  5
  6. Katie Campbell F40  36:43  1
  7. Beth Shumate F39  36:48  2
  8. Jason Davidson M40  37:02  6
  9. Chris Romano M36  37:11  7
  10. Doug Graham M60  37:32  8
  11. Andrew Sund M32  38:41  9
  12. Greg Dewitt M57  38:59  10
  13. Tara Thompson F40  39:19  3
  14. Don Grinsell M54  41:00  11
  15. Scott Farrow M33  41:07  12
  16. Scott O’Connell M45  41:35  13
  17. Bill Ramsay M56  42:51  14
  18. Rande Farrow M61  43:51  15
  19. Dave Burningham M55 44:37  16
  20. Suzie Mauro F36  44:41  4
  21. Paul Taylor M46  45:22  17
  22. Andrew Cupino M33  45:41  18
  23. Paula Blessinger F59  46:48  5
  24. Becky Davidson F39  46:56  6
  25. Mara MacDonald F34  48:38  7
  26. Darla Fitzpatrick F49  49:18  8
  27. Dyllon Robertus M32  52:18  19
  28. Waylon Robertus M34  52:19  20
  29. Vernon Roberts M65  53:12  21
  30. Mary VanGilder F59  57:38  9
  31. Tim Fitzpatrick M61  1:00:13  22
  32. Krystina Farrow F31  1:00:57  10
  33. Bob Hayes M88  1:12:22  23
  34. Nancy Wells F6?  1:13:53  11